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'Single-trip' for one time only policies; 'Multi-trip' allows numerous trips during a one year policy period; 'top-up' allows you to add coverage to an existing plan (make sure your existing insurance provider allows top-ups from other companies or please
(Click on the space bar provided) Enter the date you arrive(d) in Canada. If you haven't arrived in Canada, this may be the same as your effective date.
(Click on the space bar provided)For Visitors to Canada (and Super Visa Insurance) and Returning Expats, enter the date you will arrive in Canada. If you have already arrived, put the date you would like the policy to begin.
(Click on the space bar provided) Enter your return date for single trip or multi-trip plans. You can adjust maximum duration once you receive your quote if desired. Expats enter date they will receive provincial coverage.
Please list all destinations you will be traveling to. USA five days or less is only for travelers 'in transit'. If the USA is your main destination (not transit) and the trip is less than 6 days, choose 'more than 5 days' to see USA plans.
Enter the total number of people to be insured. Family rates are available but maximum age of children is 21. Otherwise ask for a quote for two companion travelers at a time.

Family quotes are restricted to parents & guardians under age 60 and dependent children under age 21.

Visitors to Canada Insurance Reviews

Travel Insurance Reviews for Visitors to Canada

Reviewing your visitors insurance purchase with a specialized broker that offers a wide selection of insurance companies to choose from could mean the difference between having solid coverage, or none at all. As your broker, we act on your behalf - not the insurance company's. Buying directly from an insurance company offers no cost advantage (it's against industry regulations to offer the same policy at different prices), and very little helpful advice. Below, we have a link to a review page of each of the visitor's to Canada insurance policies we carry.

BestQuote Travel Insurance Agency has the experience and the tools to help you avoid common purchase mistakes, and our selection of policies allows us to offer unbiased advice: we have policy language to choose from when an insurance company has only one policy to provide. Taking daily aspirin may or may not count as 'treatment', adjusting insulin and/or blood thinners may or may not be counted as a change in medication, some policies will cover a side trip outside Canada while others won't, etc. When one company doesn't offer appropriate language, we simply use a different company that offers a better fit. And we can find the policy with the best price point too - for us its all about the customer choices and having the best plans available.

Canadian Companies offering Visitors to Canada Insurance

It can be hard to decide on which company to buy from, especially if this is the first time buying visitors insurance. The media will occasionally tell a story of a couple that went away and are now facing very large medical bills after their travel insurance company wouldn't pay their claim. Yes, you do have to be careful when buying travel insurance. You do need to be aware of how the policy is worded. That's really what it comes down to - carefully examining what you are buying before you buy it. Ask questions. Do not make assumptions. Use a broker. At no extra cost, we make the purchase safer.

Don't rely on buying from a company that you are familiar with, without becoming familiar with the policy wording. Don't buy just because you recognize the name. Most people have not heard of all the companies we deal with, even though some of the companies have been in the travel insurance business for many years. The companies we deal with that offer visitors to Canada insurance are all reputable - but no company has a policy that fits well with every traveler all the time. You need to choose the best wording as well as the best price (and avoid any drawbacks, pitfalls or common mistakes that can occur if a specialist broker isn't involved).

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