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International Experience Canada (IEC) Insurance

International Experience Canada - Insurance Requirements

Travellers visiting Canada on a Working Holiday visa or IEC visa can now receive quotes for up to two years showing all of the available Canadian policies, along with two US policies.  Links for two European policies are also given below.

If you are a young Canadian participating in the IEC program, please see our Working Holiday Visa page.

Canada's International Experience Canada (IEC) program 'secures bilateral reciprocal youth mobility arrangements and agreements with different countries around the world to make it easier for you to travel and work in other countries for up to two years'.  
Emergency medical health insurance (with repatriation benefits) is required during your entire stay in Canada. 

For visitors to Canada under the IEC program, work permits are available to young people aged 18-35 who are from one of the (over 30) countries that have a bilateral agreement with Canada. Each country has its own list of application requirements (which you can find through link). Visas should be applied for before travelling to Canada.  Upon arrival in Canada, IEC program participants will be asked to present their passport and visa, proof of funds for living expenses and proof of comprehensive insurance coverage (which includes coverage for hospitalization, health care, and repatriation expenses that will remain valid for the entire length of their intended stay in Canada), before receiving their work permit. The quote engine on the left-hand side of this page allows travellers to get a free instant quote and view a list of available policies under the 'IEC Visa Insurance' category, and then purchase a policy online.

Get a free instant quote to research Canadian IEC insurance options:

Useful policy information (prices, benefits, important secondary benefits, refund policies, etc.) that you can review and compare is provided on the quote presentation page (click on the 'summary' button), which is displayed after completing the quote request form on the left-hand side of this page. If you came to this website to research your insurance options, you can't really do that without getting a quote!

Start by choosing 'IEC Visa Insurance', and 'Emergency Medical', then choose the dates that match up with your intended stay in Canada and provide the traveller's date of birth and email address - and the quote will appear instantly (we'll also email you a link to your quote for future reference). If you have any problems receiving a quote, or have some specific questions you need to ask, don't hesitate to call us (1-888-888-0510).

After purchasing online, confirmation of coverage and policy document(s) will be emailed to you as soon as your purchase is processed. We suggest that you (or a family member) keep a copy for your records, and also print out a copy and carry it with you to show as proof of insurance at the border when you enter Canada.

Two year insurance for IEC visa holders from Ireland, the United Kingdom, France or Australia and New Zealand!

While most of the insurance policies are only available for up to 365 days, we do have several policies that are available for up to two years at a time, which means that you can receive a two-year visa stamp - eliminating the uncertainty of needing to re-apply for a visa extension! 

So what's the lowest cost option? We have found one US-based company that will issue policies for two years - but only if you will not be travelling to the USA. Travellers under 30 can get $50,000 coverage for two years with a $250 deductible from $578 (US)!!.

One of the main differences in policies is sports coverage. On your quote, click on the 'summary' and scroll down to compare exact sports coverage/exclusions directly from the policy wording(s). Unfortunately, the BestQuote USD policy is not available if you are physically located in Canada, Australia or some US states at the time of purchase (it also takes us up to 24 business hours to issue the second year of coverage). Some of our clients stay overnight in the US in order to have this policy issued, and Australian and New Zealand travellers often buy it on their way to Canada.

Travellers from Ireland, the United Kingdom, or other EEA Countries such as France and Germany can also get a quote for coverage for a two-year policy from this UK Company (see first ad below for a brief description of the coverage), or this French Company (second ad displayed at bottom). These may prove to be even more price competitive than the Canadian/American policies listed on our quote engine (click on the ads for a more complete description of coverage).

The UK Company has an affordable basic plan, which becomes more expensive if you add on winter or adventure sports coverage or want to bring the excess (deductible) down to $0.

The French Company has given BestQuote a 5% discount, and is quite price competitive, as it comes with slightly higher benefits, and a built in $0 deductible (excess) for medical benefits.

As with all insurance, the contract terms will differ. If you decide to purchase either of these two European policies, please send an email to telling us your policy number and we will keep it on file - we do help with any claim disputes you may have with the provider while you are in Canada.

The basic version of this policy is slightly cheaper than the French policy, but only if you select an excess (deductible), and only if you do not require any winter or adventure sports coverage. It does have the advantage of having numerous options, so you can tailor the coverage to your individual needs, but it can become fairly expensive if you upgrade from the basic version.

IEC Insurance from the UK


This policy is now available for up to two years.  We are constantly checking the international market to find policies that can help our website visitors, and this policy is one of the best deals we have found. At only €31.51 per month for the two-year ($0 excess) policy (with the discount we negotiated to be especially competitive), this is a better value than the UK policy listed above. Its main disadvantage is that it has been designed as a 'one size fits all' policy. That one size, for two years is €756.20.  Similar coverage from the UK company it would cost approximately €910 at current exchange rates. However, if you want to get the lowest rate, or if you are interested in special add-on coverage, the UK policy may be the better fit!

IEC Insurance from France

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