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Super Visa Canada: Insurance Update November 2017

Canada's Super Visa Catches Insurance Industry Offguard

Super Visa insurance prices initially became much lower as competition increased - but have slowly been rising since the fall of 2012. OK, let's be honest. When the Canadian government announced the new multi-entry Super Visa on November 4, 2011, Canada's insurance industry didn't know it was coming. On December 1, 2011 when the government revealed the insurance requirements for applying for the new Super Visa, all the Canadian travel insurance companies were caught off guard.

At the time, most of the companies that are now found on BestQuote's online quote engine didn't offer policies for longer than 180 days. Or, if they did, the coverage was limited to people 54 years of age and less. Hardly suitable for the 'Parent and Grandparent Super Visa'! One by one, Canada's travel insurance companies have been entering the Super Visa insurance market, or improving the terms that they are offering travel health insurance to visitors to Canada. We know. Ever since, we've been making changes to our database each time a new change is announced - we now offer more policy choices than any other online quote service in Canada!

Some insurance companies have entered the competition for new clients by simply allowing the policy they offered (that was restricted to 180 days or so) to be available for 365 days. Others have increased the different deductible options available, helping to be more competitively priced. Some companies have completely revised the prices they make available to each age bracket, in order to grab a bigger share of Super Visa insurance customers. One company even changed its entire policy, and made it available to anyone no matter how old. This increased competition helped lower Super Visa insurance costs - so far.

Online Super Visa insurance brokers have increased
There are even a few new quote services available online, although BestQuote still has more policies to choose from. Industry regulation requires that all brokers have the same prices that other brokers or even the insurance company websites themselves have. The regulators have purposely eliminated brokers competing against each other based on price - otherwise customers would end up paying different prices and always feeling like the agent they dealt with didn't give them a good deal - lowering the public regard for the insurance industry.

So, since we are unable to rebate commissions, we rely on providing a better service - both online and offline - to earn customer's trust and business. The insurance companies DO compete against each other based on price - so to help you find a policy at a reasonable cost we compete for your business by looking at more policies than any other broker in Canada. For us, part of our unique service is to provide better online comparisons than other similar services. And, a better comparison means giving our customers more policies to compare! Get a quote with the (blue) quote request form (top left on this page) to see for yourself what we have to offer: all of Canada's top travel insurance companies on one easily viewable screen. We've made it easy to research your options (enter: Super Visa insurance,  emergency medical, Canada travel, D.O.B(s), email address; and then press Get Quote)!

Free instant super visa insurance quote

We provide answers to frequently asked questions regarding Super Visa insurance options. Most of the policy details (click 'summary') that you'll want to compare when doing your online research are presented to you on the quote page (sample age 59) generated from your quote request, so it makes the most sense to request your own individual quote based on the age of the travellers you're thinking of getting insurance for. However, here are two other BestQuote info pages if you want to take a quick look at possible Super Visa insurance costs or coverage details for pre-existing medical conditions.

Renewing Super Visa Insurance

Now that the Super Visa program has been in place for several years, most of the major market positioning by Canadian insurance companies is complete. However, every year, there are some changes in pricing, and new competitors are still entering the market from time to time. Going forward, because of the large number of claims that the insurance companies experience, and the increasing costs of medical services in Canada, we do expect to continue to see gradual prices increases from most insurance companies. This will make it increasingly important to use a comparable quote service in order to find proper coverage at a reasonable price.

While prices from some of the less-known policies have not changed recently, the major brands continue to boost prices.  This includes large companies like Manulife, TuGo, Travel Guard and RSA, who have a price increase at least every two years. For Super Visa applicants who are searching for a higher-quality policy, it is important to take note of these changes.  Therefore, the increased competition phase of the Super Visa insurance market is already giving way to the second phase - adjusting prices upwards to account for higher expected claims experience.  Another trend is that some Canadian insurance companies are now starting to create policies that are more in line with what Super Visa holders need: policies designed for long-term visitors who are staying with their family here in Canada on a permanent indefinite basis. For example, Allianz and Imagine Financial both now offer policies that include annual medical check-ups and eye exams. In addition, 21st Century offers a policy with a monthly payment plan option. Finally, both TuGo and RSA both offer policies for travellers over 90 years of age.  Going forward, we expect to see increased product innovation.

It's important for consumers to realize that the different insurance companies use different price bands for different age brackets, so the older you are the more you tend to pay - but just because the average age bracket is five years doesn't mean the best price you can find will only change every five years. Next year, a person on the edge of one age bracket (ie.70-74) might experience a much higher price the following year (75-79), so it can pay to keep an eye on birthdays!

It's also important to realize that from one year to the next, simply renewing or extending coverage with the same insurance company that you used last year might not be the best option. Why? Prices change. The company that was competitve last year may have changed it's rates, or might be using an age bracket that has suddenly made your 'renewed' policy a lot more expensive than what another insurance company is offering. Perhaps new options are available that were not available last year. Some people who jumped at the chance to sponsor their parents in early 2012 will certainly find that the available prices are lower in early 2014 than they paid the first time they had to look for and purchase their Super Visa insurance.

It always pays to look around, and compare your options. That's the premise of BestQuote's online service. Please call us at 1-888-888-0510, or email . We'll be happy to help answer any questions.


By Bob Hornal

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